Post-Construction Window Cleaning in Ogden, UT

Post construction window cleaning is an important final step in the home building process, as construction projects can take a major toll on windows throughout the process, leaving them covered with paint, plaster, dust, stickers, taping, and more. Even a construction team that’s extremely careful about protecting windows and running a tidy construction site will still likely leave some type of glass residue behind. Proper care must be taken to avoid damaging glass. The window cleaning technicians at Zack’s Glass Cleaning are trained on various cleaning processes to avoid scratching glass with construction debris. We use specialized tools and techniques to protect your windows from scratching and remove any and all construction debris.

Whatever debris or residue you have left on your windows post-construction, contact Zack’s Glass Cleaning in Ogden today!

Importance of Professional Post-Construction Cleaning

Removing stucco, plaster, paint, silicone, and other debris from windows is a tricky business, one that can easily lead to scratches on the glass. Simply using a scraper or other basic technique to clear construction debris is likely to cause minor or major damage to your windows, especially if they are made of tempered glass.

When you hire the professional post-construction window cleaning team at Zack’s Glass Cleaning, we’ll bring in specialized techniques and tools to ensure your windows stay safe during the process. Our professional glass cleaners utilize specially designed scrapers, extremely fine steel wool, acids to break down concrete or stucco debris without harming the window, detergents that protect against scratches, and more tools of the trade. We have specialized techniques for removing everything from stickers to paint from your windows, getting them clean without causing damage. Some of the common debris that needs to be cleared from windows post-construction includes:

  • Dried concrete and stucco: These materials can sometimes scratch glass just by getting on the window in the first place, but once they’re there, our team can use acid to break down the dried material and remove it without causing further damage.
  • Stickers: Manufacturer stickers can be pesky to get off windows, leaving an adhesive residue behind. We soak them in water and detergent, and then use a specialized formula to lift off any remaining adhesive.
  • Dried paint: We utilize a specialized window scraper to remove dried paint, ensuring the scraper doesn’t scratch the window.

Before and After

Here are some real life before and after pictures of post contruction window cleaning projects completed by the professional window cleaners at Zack’s Glass Cleaning.

Professional Window Cleaners in Ogden, UT

Our team is dedicated to bringing you high-quality customer service and window cleaning on every job. We understand it’s important to be able to trust who you let into your home or business, which is why we utilize strict background checks and hand-select our employees. We also know that we only get one chance to do the job right—a scratched window from poor window cleaning techniques can’t easily be repaired. That’s why we provide extensive training for all of our employees, ensuring they know the safest and most effective ways to handle cleaning equipment and provide thorough, scratch-free cleaning for your windows post-construction.

We always make sure you know upfront the scope and timeline of the work we’re doing, and we follow up after the work is done to ensure you’re completely satisfied with our work. Book your appointment for post construction window cleaning now!

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