Window Cleaning Services In Ogden, UT

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At Zack’s Glass Cleaning, we are committed to providing you with a wide range of services. With almost 10 years of experience and numerous satisfied customers, we have the resources to make sure you get the services you need. We have the ability to restore your property’s windows to a beautiful state.

While we do not provide window replacement or repair, we do proudly offer:

  • Residential Window Cleaning: Services offered to residential customers include interior and exterior window cleaning mirror cleaning screen cleaning and window track cleaning. Our professional cleaners can remove tough stains on the windows left by birds sprinklers or just years of neglected cleanings.Residential window cleaning includes removing screens cleaning them according to their material and then assessing the windows. The window cleaning is done with a thorough scrub down with the appropriate applicator and soap then squeegeed off and edges wiped for a perfect window. Shine and cleanliness guaranteed!
  • Commercial Window Cleaning: Commercial window cleaning uses the same process to clean your windows, but varies depending on the size of the building. We scrub, squeegee, and remove all hard water stains, inside and out. If the building is multi-leveled, we bring in equipment to reach these higher areas.
  • Screen Repair & Cleaning: Especially for us here in Utah, keeping bugs out is a must. Our screen repair and cleaning service provides you with a guaranteed fix, no matter the damage.
  • Gutter cleaning: Our technicians can utilize our equipment to safely and effectively clean out your gutters. This means you don’t have to climb on a ladder and risk getting hurt doing dirty work.
  • Power/Pressure Washing: Our power/pressure washing can be used in a multitude of ways. Whether it be your gutter or siding, our power and pressure wash effectively gets the job done, and the stains off.
  • New Construction Cleaning: New construction window cleaning should be done as a final step in getting your newly built home on the market. Our team will assess the site and professionally remove any debris that have accumulated on the windows during the construction process.

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